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Social 8B

Chapter 5 Test - Friday, December 6

Social 8 Chapter 5 Test Review 


Where did Renaissance ship builders get their ideas for their ship design. 

How did the collapse of the Mongol Empire affect trade routes? 

Who helped support the voyages of exploration? 

How did the demand for goods affect the prices? 

Why did European countries need new sources of gold and silver? 

How did the takeover of Constantinople by the Turks affect trade? 

How did maps change during the Rennaissance? 

Ethnocentrism – in what ways was this demonstrated by European powers? 

What factors led to exploration? 

Why were European explorers looking for alternate routes? 

Who was Prince Henry the Navigator and what was significant about him? How would you describe his worldview? 

Why did the Europeans think they could reach the East by sailing west? 

Main explorers and their significance. 

Navigation equipment invented and their uses. 

Prester John 


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